Create+Activate Episode 5

PROI: How to get the best return on investment for your PR activity

By TrunkBBI


“Search performance and organic performance are really important in order to gain visibility and  new customers, so the smart thing to do is make sure these services work in tandem with each other.”

Adam Britton, MD of TrunkBBI, and Jon Butler, CEO of TrunkBBI, hosted a podcast in TrunkBBI’s new in-house studio with Head of Digital PR, Alex Hickson, discussing how to maximise your return on investment with digital PR.

During the conversation, Alex shares his thoughts on why we should be demonstrating ROI on PR activity.

He also talks about what you can actually measure with a digital PR strategy, as well as the most common barriers for brands to get the desired ROI between brand and search.

Alex says, “Digital PR is a fantastic channel to demonstrate how to expand your audiences in a less risky way than pumping loads of money into a TV ad campaign. It allows you to get creative with brand teams and with search but be able to see the return on investment quite quickly.”

In discussing new ways to activate campaigns, the trio delved into a very interesting conversation about the role creative tech plays in digital PR and how it is a very good vehicle to get people consuming and engaging with content.

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