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Agencies are no longer just producing campaigns; we're becoming advocates for sustainability. The fusion of creativity and sustainability is transforming our sector, and we're working hard to be part of this positive change. By educating ourselves about our environmental footprint and exploring ways to enhance our responsibilities and practice, we take a forward-thinking approach to playing our part and protecting our planet.

The following outlines the steps TrunkBBI is taking to build our environmental knowledge and transparency.

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction Commitments arrow

    As part of becoming a responsible business, we’re committed to measuring and improving our environmental performance, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.

    In 2023, we commissioned our first Carbon Footprint Report with sustainability partners Positive Planet. We’ll continue to do this year-on-year, with an ambitious target to achieve Carbon Net Zero by 2038 – in line with Manchester’s net zero target. We’re proud to contribute to making Manchester a healthy, green city.

    You can request a copy of our latest Carbon Footprint Report and Carbon Reduction Plan by getting in touch.

  • Carbon Literacy Certification arrow

    With the support of Positive Planet, our Senior Management and Operations team have completed their carbon literacy training and are now Carbon Literate certified. We’ll continue to roll out our learnings across the business and commit to our carbon reduction pledges. We’re also launching Couch to Carbon Zero across the agency, encouraging employees to track and reduce their emissions.

  • IPA Media Climate Charter Membership arrow

    The IPA Media Climate charter was established by agency members of the IPA Media Futures Group. Its membership provides media agencies (and associated creative agencies involved in the media planning process) with the tools and resources to support their transition to a zero-carbon future.

    We’re proud to sit on the steering group for the IPA Climate Charter, attending monthly meetings with other agencies, supporting the five actions of the Ad Net Zero initiative, and specifically helping deliver on Action Point 3: curbing emissions from media planning and buying through deploying internal initiatives. More recently, we’ve been involved in commissioning industry-wide research on climate anxiety within the advertising sector and the actions taken by leadership to acknowledge and address this.

  • Ad Net Zero arrow

    Ad Net Zero is an industry-wide programme that helps the advertising sector tackle climate emergencies and educates on the changes we can make to decarbonise the production and distribution of advertising. We work with assigned Net Zero experts and have regular in-agency updates on learnings and training.

  • Taking a formal stance on our environmental practice arrow

    As part of our drive to improve office and remote-working practices, we’ve introduced several initiatives to support staff in making environmentally friendly choices. In addition to implementing a complete recycling programme to reduce energy usage and hosting education sessions, we’ve also captured our stance and environmental commitment in our Environmental and Sustainability policy.

    The policy is available to read on request.

  • Our preference for purchasing locally  arrow

    As a business, TrunkBBI remains committed to promoting community development, enhancing sustainability, and reducing negative ecological impact. We’ve recently developed a set of Local and Environmental Purchasing guidelines which outline our support for local businesses where services and products are viable and competitive. These guidelines also include a list of Manchester-based suppliers for office-related purchases.

    You can  request a copy of our Local and Environmental Purchasing guidelines by getting in touch.

Join us in creating work that doesn't cost the earth. 

Tristan Morris

Brand Consultancy Director