Do you relish a challenge and believe in always going above and beyond? Join the TrunkBBI team and you'll be surrounded by kindred spirits. People who never settle for ordinary. We are seventy-plus specialists across the creative and performance disciplines. Experts of many kinds, but all united by a single purpose and shared values.


Every day brings new challenges. We tackle each task by harnessing individual talents, supercharged by the power of collaboration. Generating big, bold creative ideas that push beyond the brief. Securing exceptional performance to deliver outstanding results.

what we offer

Our award-winning team thrives in an environment that has been created to allow everyone to reach their potential. Here are 4 key reasons why TrunkBBI is the right place to work.
  • 01 We prioritise wellbeing

    Because healthy, fulfilled people produce their best work and are great to be around. We provide a free personal trainer and nutritionist, available to all staff, and provide Vitality health and life insurance with built-in rewards. There's a mental health support programme too, plus a lively Culture Club arranging frequent fun events for all staff. Every employee also has a monthly Life Balance half-day off to enjoy as they please.
  • 02 Personal growth and development

    Part of the global Tribe network of agencies, we offer learning and talent exchange opportunities across 100+ countries. Professional development, training and networking opportunities are also available in the UK through our IPA membership and CPD Gold certification. Our in-house EDI panel keeps us all on our toes when it comes to driving diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, so we don't shirk from upholding our principles and making difficult decisions. We also offer sabbaticals to all staff, so they can pursue personal projects while keeping their careers on track.
  • 03 Supporting every individuals unique circumstances

    Proud to be a Living Wage Employer, we also recognise that everyone needs support so they can focus on work without undue worry. By encouraging flexible and hybrid working, we enable employees to do their job in the way that best suits their life. Money worries can also trouble everyone at times so, through Mintago, we offer free access to expert financial advice on complex subjects such as savings, debt management and pensions.
  • 04 support our community and encourage positive change

    Programmes we're proud to be part of include: Advertising Unlocked — providing fresh career options for local school and college students who might otherwise miss out; Business Beats Cancer—raising funds and awareness for our chosen charity; Becoming a B Corp organisation—we’re on the journey through a rigorous but rewarding process that measures a company's entire social and environmental impact; Active membership of the IPA media client charter — we sit on the steering group, working on industry-first research and action around the climate crisis.

Don’t see the right opportunity? We love to hear from great talent so tell us your story.

Our values underpin everything we do at TrunkBBI. They reflect our commitment to ourselves, each other, and the wider agency. No matter what we do, we ensure our values are woven into agency life, whether delivering work for clients, helping team members, or simply chatting with each other over morning coffee. We use our values to measure our integrity and our individual performance at the agency. That’s why they’ve been carefully crafted by everyone in our business, making sure we’re all aligned and working towards common goals.

    Seventy plus specialists, one purpose. When a new challenge arrives at TrunkBBI, we tackle it with a multi-talented team. Collaboration creates synergy. Efficiency ensures effective communication. Together we generate big bold ideas, support one another, get plenty of brews in, and push the limits of creativity.

    We're motivated, passionate and relentless. Never satisfied with paint-by-numbers solutions. We tackle each challenge head-on, explore the unexpected and keep pushing until the work has reached its innovative and impactful potential. Standing still is never an option. We will keep moving forward by seeking training, developing new skills and continuing to learn.

    Ambition drives us forward. Never satisfied with ready-made solutions or easy options, never limited by budgets or deadlines, we will always explore new opportunities and embrace fresh technologies. Our best idea is our next idea. This isn't just how we work, it's who we are. We champion social values and environmental responsibility—because great people with a great culture produce great results.

    We're proud to be one inclusive team. Everyone's opinion matters and each person's values count, whether they're new recruits or seasoned colleagues. We're committed to learning, growing and creating together. More than that, we recognise that each of us has unique priorities, challenges and circumstances. And we don't just respect these differences, we value them as a source of strength. Diversity of personalities, talents and perspectives... Together, they give us the edge over other agencies.
  • 05 OWN IT

    Action makes creativity count. We commit to great things and make them happen. Every problem is an opportunity to excel. On time, on budget and on brief is just the start. It's going beyond that makes the difference. So take ownership, accept responsibility, and do yourself proud. This is the biggest challenge you've ever faced.

    When something needs saying, we say it, but always considerately and constructively. The TrunkBBI culture is one in which everyone is free to speak, every opinion is valued, and we are all accountable. We value ideas over ego and collaboration over competition. Harnessing our differences and embracing positivity makes diversity our superpower.