Create+Activate Episode 4

Gamifying ROI: How to get (and stay) ahead of the game

By TrunkBBI


“Driving users in is one challenge, but it’s also about getting the interaction and driving something for the end user that you can learn from.”

Adam Britton, MD of TrunkBBI, Oisin Wood, TrunkBBI’s Head of Creative Technology, and Adam White, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Brown-Forman (Jack Daniels) hosted a fascinating podcast / webinar about how to maximise ROI through gamification.

2023 represents significant challenges for brands in both the Hospitality & FMCG sector. As inflation continues to dominate how consumers are spending, impacting on brand loyalty and buyer behaviour, how can brands stand out without resorting to the downward spiral of discounting?

Enter, gamification. Creative technology solutions that drive new customer acquisition AND can improve loyalty. Gamification provides endless opportunities for partnerships with retailers and suppliers through an exciting, engaging and rewarding experience.

In a compelling discussion, our expert panel examined how gamification can transform consumer buying and retention. They shared practical examples of how gamification can work for your brand, why it is a gamechanger and how it can impact brand awareness, ROI, and engagement.

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