Create+Activate Ep3

Authenticity is the key with Faye Nixon, Senior Brand Manager at Greene King

By TrunkBBI


“Know your product. Know your audience. Keep it authentic.”

Faye Nixon

Today’s expert guest, Faye Nixon is now a TrunkBBI client at Greene King. Before that, she had the dream job for lots of sports fans: getting paid to promote the club you support.

Her experience at Derby County is the focus of this edition, and it provides lots of insights into the reality of sports marketing, all packed into fifty speedy minutes of entertaining chat with TrunkBBI CEO Jon Butler and MD Adam Britton.

We hear how a change of ownership at Pride Park brought American ideas into English football marketing for the first time, just as the social media revolution was happening.

Questions answered in the podcast include:

  • What happened when Faye attended a meeting of elite club directors at the newly-built Emirates stadium?
  • How did she enjoy working with the likes of Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney?
  • What is a sandwich course, educationally speaking?
  • What on earth is a March to the Match?

You’ll also hear about Faye’s proudest achievements in marketing, with a guest appearance by a very famous pop star.

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