Create+Activate Ep2

Getting the most out of sports stars with Emma Louise Jones

By TrunkBBI


When a brand invests in sports sponsorship, access to star players is one of the main benefits.

The question TrunkBBI CEO Jon Butler and MD Adam ask in this episode is: how can you get the most out of those stars? The return on investment depends on it.

For tips on coaxing liveliness and authenticity from them, on set and in general, Jon and Adam are joined by expert guest Emma Louise Jones.

Emma is a presenter and pitchside interviewer on Leeds United TV. She has also spread her wings recently, becoming the face of Championship Rugby League coverage on Premier Sports.

In a compelling half hour, Emma and Adam swap stories about working with sports stars, the secrets of getting reluctant athletes to not just perform on set, but enjoy the experience are revealed.

Which promising young footballer, now an international superstar, was so disappointed he wasn’t involved in a shoot that the crew had to pretend to film him?

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