Create+Activate Ep1

How brands get the most out of sports sponsorship

By TrunkBBI


Sponsorship and sports marketing aren’t what they used to be. They’re rapidly becoming something far more interesting and worthwhile.

Once sponsorship just meant logos on shirts, delivering pure brand awareness. Now it’s a much more sophisticated, innovative and versatile field. Digital channels, analytics and measurable return on investment have entered the arena.
This is the exciting subject of the first Create+Activate podcast from TrunkBBI. In an insight-packed 50 minutes, hosts Adam Britton, our MD, and CEO Jon Butler power through all the information marketers need to know right now. They are joined by digital strategist Isaac Kirk who has immersed himself in the subject.
You’ll learn that there’s no point in “Create” without “Activate”. That’s why they are our twin focal points as an agency. When brands can use sponsorship to activate their campaigns, engaging emotions and changing behaviours, sponsorship’s effectiveness is transformed.
You’ll also hear why 10+ year deals are no longer the norm for big sponsorships. Brands can now take a more analytical and agile approach to campaign performance, with data-driven decisions and real-time user insights.
Plus, along the way, you’ll find out which sponsorship deal got the person who signed it fired.