Create+Activate Episode 6

Sports Sponsorship- Creating frameworks not fireworks

By TrunkBBI


“Sports has the ability to help unite people but also drive social change and purpose. There is way more to the landscape than just badge and broadcast.”

TrunkBBI’s MD and CEO, Adam Britton and Jon Butler, hosted a podcast alongside Senior Strategist Isaac Kirk and Sport & Sponsorship Advisor, Aimee Howells to discuss the importance of an integrated sponsorship strategy with alignment back to overall marketing strategies.   

Their conversation focused around ‘creating frameworks not fireworks’ to drive efficiencies, effectiveness and to drive ROSI – Return on Sponsorship Investment. 

In the realm of sports sponsorship, the conversation leaned into the importance of focusing on long-term success rather than creating short-lived fireworks, and how this this approach impacts the overall effectiveness of sponsorships. 

Measurement of return on sponsorship investment (ROSI) can be challenging for brands, and Aimee shared some common misconceptions and obstacles brands face in this regard, and how can they overcome them to demonstrate the value of their sponsorships. 

About Aimee: Aimeé has two decades of experience working in a range of disciplines, but most notably fan engagement which lead her to working at Manchester United in global sponsorship. Aimeé is now applying her knowledge of both the business and fan engagement landscapes, to help business owners in the world of sport and cultural relevance to own their success by getting the framework of their business right, in order to unlock their full potential with her “Squad Goals” methodology. 


Adam Britton

John Butler

Isaac Kirk

Aimee Howells

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