Create+Activate Episode 7

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Marcell Edwards

By TrunkBBI


“Look at your people. Look at the make-up of your organisation to see what people can bring to the culture, the environment, the company.  You have to have that growth mindset perspective.”

In this episode, Head of HR Kerrie Mooney and Senior Account Executive Elliot Halls sit down with Marcell Edwards, who works for Adidas in Global Talent Acquisition, and also chairs the ‘Unity Group’, a employee resource group (ERG) focusing on Race, Ethnicity & Culture.

Marcell takes us on a deep dive into his background, from his upbringing and family dynamics into how he had dreams of becoming a fireman because he wanted to help people.

They discussed institutional racism, how to talk to people within an organisation about difficult topics in order to challenge the ‘norm’ to positive action, and how powerful social media can be when it comes to issues around race (think George Floyd and the #metoo movement).

Marcel also discusses the 3 things we can do to change the way we look at diversity, equity and inclusion.

Kerrie Mooney

Elliot Halls

Marcell Edwards