We’ve been awarded the IPA People First badge!

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By Tristan Morris


On Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re proud to share our latest achievement: the IPA People First Promise Badge of Honour. This award highlights TrunkBBI’s commitment to supporting our incredible team’s mental health and wellbeing.

But what exactly is the People First Promise?

It’s an initiative led by IPA President Josh Krichefski that encourages companies to prioritise their employees’ mental health and wellbeing. To become recognised, we were tasked with showcasing our strengths in empowerment, prevention, and support.


Here at TrunkBBI, we’re dedicated to nurturing our team’s career wellbeing by offering ongoing training and development opportunities. We know personal and professional growth is crucial for people to feel a sense of achievement and purpose.


We’ve gained valuable insights into our team’s values and needs through engagement surveys. These insights have guided initiatives that boost company confidence, leadership, and social connection. In fact, the initiative improved our engagement score from 70 to 76%, beating industry benchmarks by 8%!


We’ve established role models, champions, and mental health allies. We’ve also introduced ‘Spill’, a mental health platform offering access to qualified therapists and resources. Plus, our CEO Jon Butler’s initiative of offering a ‘life-balance’ half day off each month. And to top it off, we have our very own personal trainer who comes into the office twice a week for sessions.

Keen to learn more? Visit the IPA website for additional information. Alternatively, if you’re interested in exploring what else we have to offer, head over to our vacancies page, click on a job, and browse through the list of benefits for colleagues.

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