Digital Opinion Leaders are transforming healthcare marketing

Digital Opinion Leaders are transforming healthcare marketing

Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are rewriting the rules of engagement. Many have thousands of followers online. Some have millions. They are the voices today's healthcare professionals listen to and trust, which is why they need to be part of your marketing mix. 81% of HCPs believe that DOLs have a significant impact on their professional opinions and treatment decisions, so now is the time to get your own DOL strategy in place.

3 ways DOLs can reignite your marketing goals

DOL engagement can sharpen your healthcare brand’s competitive edge via three critical marketing goals.

  • Reach a wider audience and new customers arrow

    The vast majority of today’s HCPs rely on social media channels to learn about healthcare topics and make informed decisions. Partner with a DOL and your healthcare brand’s messages will reach a wider audience by tapping into their vast and focused following. You can raise awareness and interest among new HCP audiences too.

  • Build your brand's reputation arrow

    When a trusted and respected DOL shares information about a product or service, that endorsement makes their followers more likely to trust and act upon the information. Partner with DOLs and your healthcare brand can build genuine relationships with HCPs and other healthcare buyers. Reach people who would never consider, prescribe or buy from your brand otherwise.

  • Drive deeper, longer-term HCP engagement arrow

    Via digital opinion leaders, your healthcare brand can drive greater HCP engagement. Create educational and interactive content that resonates with their followers. Get DOLs to host virtual events, hold Q&A sessions and create video content that engages and informs. Form deeper HCP engagement through relevant, real-life clinical experiences.

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The evidence of DOL impact

DOLs can make a measurable difference to your marketing effectiveness, and the following performance metrics are key to demonstrating this. TrunkBBI can support you in tracking these key indicators—and help your brand to make data-driven decisions about your developing DOL marketing strategy.

5.3 x velocity

higher CTR is generated by DOL advertising compared to standard healthcare display advertising

10 x velocity

higher conversion is generated by DOL videos than by traditional text-based marketing

50 % velocity

of CPA by using DOLs in healthcare advertising

40 % velocity

in brand awareness by using DOLs in social media campaigns

7 x velocity

more social media engagement is generated by DOLs compared with standard branded content

4 x velocity

higher ROI is generated by DOL marketing compared with traditional marketing

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Jennifer Webb

Director of Strategy

TrunkBBI's innovative DOL services

It’s time for healthcare marketers to refocus. To follow their social media savvy HCP customers by prioritising Digital Opinion Leaders. DOLs can be doctors, nurses, researchers and even patient advocates. But what they all have in common is influence–powered by a strong social media presence. Our expert services have been designed to help you maximise their potential.

  • Identify the right DOLs with i-DOL arrow

    i-DOL is TrunkBBI’s proprietary tool, created to help your healthcare brand identify the DOLs you need: those most relevant to your target audience and influential in their therapy area. i-DOL uses Twitter’s API to fuse data, bio content, user metrics and keyword insights to identify the DOLs who are stars in their medical field and the best match for your brand objectives. We’ll uncover DOLs who share your values and are genuinely passionate about the healthcare topics most relevant to your brand. We’ll also work closely with you to create a DOL persona that covers the right mix of job titles, key topics, key target markets, social influence metrics and social channels for your healthcare brand.

  • Train DOLs to be your brand advocates arrow

    OK, so you’ve found the right DOLs for your brand. Now it’s critical to nurture them into your brand advocates. Our DOL training programmes help your brand to create profitable DOL partnerships through meaningful value exchange. It works for both well-established DOLs and beginners. Our bespoke training programmes align with your marketing goals, providing DOLs with invaluable content and social media training to help them raise their social profile and optimise their social impact—ready to advocate your brand and enhance your reputation.

  • DOL omnichannel engagement arrow

    Our DOL omnichannel campaigns are designed to make your healthcare brand stand out in the sea of sameness. That’s what it takes to beat HCP’s information fatigue and resistance to change. Our top-of-funnel omnichannel digital and social campaigns featuring DOLs are powered by creative technologies such as interactives, AR/VA, gamification and immersive video content. They can maximise engagement and conversion for your brand or product. Do you need to reach new audiences, elevate your congress seminars, increase sampling and prescriptions, or simply capture unknown HCP data? DOL omnichannel engagement helps brands to nurture lifetime customers.

TrunkBBI has been a major partner in helping us to grow and develop our existing DOL programme. Their knowledge and expertise have allowed us to connect with our community and create long-lasting relationships.

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