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With so much discussion around the rise in importance of DOLs, our paper explores how brands can harness the power of the Digital Opinion Leader – as an essential part of their marketing toolkit. Traditionally, we have called these influential healthcare professionals key opinion leaders (KOLs). And healthcare marketeers have been going to great lengths to find them, profile them, build relationships with them. More recently however a new breed of KOL has arisen. In this paper we look at how DOLs are rewriting the healthcare social media rule book, and how brands can start to identify the right DOLs to partner with. Topics include:

  • Examples of how DOLs are changing the social media landscape in healthcare
  • The key stages in identifying & profiling the right DOLs for your brand
  • Trunk BBIs propriety DOL indentation framework
  • Tips on engaging & upskilling DOLs in order to maximise the relationship between brand and influencers
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