Pop the Trunk Episode 4: Adam Woollard

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By Tristan Morris


Episode 4 is live! This time around, host Adam Britton spoke to Adam Woollard, A.K.A ‘Shuffle T’ on building a personal brand, the importance of outreach, and his brand new book. 

Adam, a freelance writer and performer, is well-known for being one of the most watched battle rappers in the UK, having won the UK title several times, and performed all over the world. His new book, ‘The Advanced Rhyming Dictionary’ features a series of rhyme schemes aimed at anyone looking to upgrade their skills. 

Building a brand is about more than just creating and hoping for the best, something that both Adams agree on. When it comes to positioning your brand as something special, Adam B says, ‘grit and determination only gets you so far – it’s about having a strategy. Having this time [throughout lockdown] to create that strategy has actually been beneficial for us … the team is stronger, our position is stronger, we’ve redefined our proposition’.

However, building a brand, and a strategy, means knowing your audience, and how to utilise your talents. Adam W notes, 

‘It’s hard to say to people, oh I’m a writer, and I do this, I do that, and also I do rap. It can have the opposite effect of what you want … it’s like alright, so you’re silly. You do silly things. The book actually helps legitimise that – it makes it so that it’s not just something I do, I’ve got a book out.’

‘So what you’re saying is you released a book so people would take you seriously’

‘Yeah. It hasn’t worked.’

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