Christmas Time Mistletoe and… Squashies.

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By Tristan Morris


Here at Big Brand Ideas, we’re no different. The carrots and hummus have been cast aside and our desks have been adorned with novelty sweets and a plethora of Christmas tat.

Our content team, Trunk, has also got into the Christmas spirit working with popular British confectioner, Swizzels, to encourage sweet eaters everywhere to have a refillable tub of sweetshop favourites in the home this Christmas.

Trunk created a series of branded videos for the iconic sweet brand. The first was a stop motion film that shows families at Christmas enjoying all the delights a Christmas themed tub has to offer, whether it’s a Squashie, a Love Heart or a Parma Violet, there’s something for everyone.

The team also animated a Swizzels advent calendar and created a Christmas wreath made entirely from the vast range of Fizzers, Lollipops, Refreshers and other classic sweet treats.

Following the interest in the Swizzels wreath, Trunk created a step by step tutorial to show people how to make their own version of the festive decoration.

Trunk has created a series of 6 story style videos, amplifying the theme of Christmas traditions. The series included nurses who are working on Christmas day, excited dads, the local delivery driver, Potluck and the Swizzels Hunt for social media.

Working with Swizzel’s was a great excuse to get creative with our favourite things, Christmas and confectionary!

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