A focus on how search is changing

By Abi Owers


Our search, content and performance strategists have come together to create our latest Big Brand Intelligence report focuses on how search is changing (yet again).  We discuss how the transformation of how we interact with the web – always on devices, location specific queries, and increasing adoption of voice search add context to what we can measure.

Understanding user motivation and intent

We have researched how the changing modes of interaction are driving search engines to better understand user motivation and intent and provide them information as quickly as possible. We look into the symbiotic relationship between users and platforms is moving towards quicker access to information, and how this is affecting the way people interact with content. 

Foundations to support strategic thinking

Most importantly, we provide the foundations for how the ever-shorter journey from need to fulfilment can shape new strategies for businesses and move them toward providing their information in a way that meets user’s needs today and tomorrow.