6 top tips to make your Christmas content stand out

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By Abi Owers


The UK spends more than any other European nation on seasonal gifts. More than half of the UK budget will be spent on gifts compared to 43 per cent on average in Europe.  Online searches for Christmas gift inspiration have reached an all-time high.

Here’s some inspiration for creating Christmas digital content that will give you the edge.

1. Go live

Connected campaigns driven by content deliver the strongest results in the run-up to Christmas. Last year we connected Nextbase with seasonal shoppers via a multi-channel campaign using Facebook live, shopping ads, influencers and comedy video content. It generated over 5.5 million impressions, and 770,000 video views for Nextbase.

In the four weeks running up to Black Friday, we owned a moment between Nextbase and shoppers by delivering regular, humorous Live Facebook content that engaged and involved the audience. Over 8,000 shoppers were engaged in every 10-minute window.

Read more about what we did here


2. Make it an interactive Christmas

Interactive content not only stands out but also creates longer dwell times between brands and consumers. And it gives you the opportunity to leverage a tactical piece of content across connected channels. Whether it’s a prize give away, or an interactive that gathers information as people play, you can use data captured to superpower your comms in the eight weeks up to Christmas. And beyond.

Finally, we created an interactive advent calendar for UK holiday home manufacturer Willerby, attracting 10,000 new visitors and increasing January revenue by a whopping 65%.


3. Create a game to drive loyalty with rewards

Why send a card when you can send a game? Games create customer delight and achieve intimate moments between brands and customers.  A bespoke branded game can build loyalty and offer on the spot rewards to customers, staff and stakeholders.

From light touch branded snackable games, through to games with leader boards – we can help drive your engagement at Christmas.

4. Use the latest Christmas shopping trends

If you have girls in your household it’s likely you’ll have heard about the VSCO girl trend. VSCO girls are the latest subculture to arise from apps such as TikTok and Instagram. Influencer and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is a popular example. With 8.9million followers, her influence in this emerging trend has been prolific.

If you own a brand that’s in line with the latest VSCO girl trends, think about tactical content ideas that can help position you as the must-have gift for Christmas. We have heaps of ideas that we are happy to share, just give us a shout

5. When Christmas is over but the shopping isn’t

Google has reported that they see 34% more shopping searches on Christmas Day than on Black Friday, with the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve being as busy as every other day in December (other than Christmas week itself).

This is also a peak time for the travel industry as searches for sunny holidays peak during this time. People are looking for new jobs too. Even more reasons to make sure your content stands out and gets seen.

6. Using an Intelligent Engagement approach

At Big Brand Ideas, we use shopper insights to drive content-led campaigns, amplified by connected channels using our unique engagement techniques.

With our eyes clearly on the objective, our brilliant people collaborate to deliver fresh, highly targeted content and campaigns to achieve results your FD will be proud of!

We’d love to chat about how our approach could help you this Christmas and beyond.

Contact us for a free consultation about how we may be able to help.


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