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It’s fair to say there has been a huge acceleration in the Direct to Consumer (DTC) model within healthcare. The trouble is, it has been that way for over forty years with brands dipping their toes in the water from time to time, whilst many others watch expectantly from the shore. Only a few years ago, industry analysts were warning that the DTC bubble would burst completely. Then various external factors combined to accelerate adoption of the DTC model. With this in mind, we have reached the “now or never” point, with healthcare businesses needing to act immediately, or risk missing out entirely. This whitepaper series explores the backdrop to the biggest DTC challenges in healthcare; from consumer behaviours to the entrants on tech giants and the disruption of Covid. In part 1 we discuss:

  • The background of the DTC model in healthcare
  • Consumer challenges, digital innovation, shifts in the traditional healthcare origination models & tech giant entrants
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