TrunkBBI welcomes two aspiring interns

By Elly Hancock


At TrunkBBI, we’re always looking for new talent, whether that’s experienced marketing professionals seeking their next career move or interns looking to explore the world of digital marketing. So, when we were approached by two interns this summer for their work experience, naturally, we welcomed them with open arms.

Over a week, we gave Millie and Harry time in each department to understand how we work, what we do, and what agency life is really like. And at the end of their stint, we asked them to share what they’d learned. Here’s what Millie and Harry had to say about their time with TrunkBBI:


What were you hoping to achieve from your internship at TrunkBBI?

“From day one, I was excited to dive into the world of marketing and learn as much as possible. I was eager to gain hands-on experience and understand how marketing strategies are developed and executed. Previously, I thought it was all about creating flashy ads that rely on manipulation rather than substance. But as soon as I started my work experience, I realised how wrong I was!”

What was your most memorable moment in the TrunkBBI departments?

Millie learned about each department at TrunkBBI, spending a significant chunk of her time within the digital PR team and contributing towards upcoming client work.

She said, “Each department was interesting in its own way. I worked within each team at the agency, gaining valuable knowledge and understanding from each. One of my favourite departments was digital PR, as I loved coming up with fun PR ideas and learning about the creativity and strategy behind them.

“Lilidh Berry was amazing! She shared lots on what makes a brilliant digital PR campaign, including many examples. One of my favourite activities was developing PR ideas for a new client.”

During her time at the agency, Millie also worked closely with the SEO team and got to grips with technical SEO concepts. Alongside our Head of SEO, Fiona Brindle, Millie helped with ongoing SEO campaigns for our clients. She said, “I had no idea about organic advertisement and the technical side of how search engines find websites, as well as the huge role keywords play in the ranking of websites.”

What were your overall takeaways from your internship at TrunkBBI?

“Marketing is a complex and multifaceted field that requires creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of human nature. I was amazed at how much thought and effort went into every campaign. One of the biggest takeaways from my experience is the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Marketing is not a one-person job; it takes a team of people with diverse skills and perspectives to create successful campaigns.”

Millie’s aptitude for learning marketing concepts didn’t go unnoticed by the TrunkBBI team. Lilidh Berry, our Senior PR Executive, said: “It was a pleasure having Millie join the team at TrunkBBI for the week. She showed a keen interest in digital PR and was engaged in the task that I set her, going above and beyond for a presentation on potential campaign ideas for a new client. I’m sure she’ll go far whatever career path she chooses.”


Did anything surprise you during your internship?

“I didn’t realise how many different divisions there were within marketing. The most surprising thing I learned about the business is how everyone is constantly working with one another to create the best possible results. It’s a collaborative effort to deliver projects successfully, not people working in silos like I expected.”

What was your favourite task at TrunkBBI?

The most fun activity for me was the digital PR task for a new client. We analysed their competitors to see what they were doing differently, looking for digital PR opportunities.

I’ll take away a whole range of skills from this experience. Working here taught me so much about different marketing departments and how many roles there are. I also learned you need teamwork skills to enjoy an agency role.”

What did you think of TrunkBBI’s culture?

“The work-life balance here is great. At lunchtime, the agency hosted activities like yoga and PT sessions which helped to break up the day and refresh my brain. They also have a culture club that invests in things to do as an agency, making it an even more fun place to work.”

Lindsay Jones, Head of Community said, “Harry showed great enthusiasm during his week at TrunkBBI. He asked some really thoughtful questions, was engaged in every task he took on, and we are so pleased he loved learning about all our different departments. Digital PR seemed to spark a great interest for both Harry and Millie.”

Want to start a career at TrunkBBI?

Whether you’re from an agency background or fresh to marketing, we welcome all talent at TrunkBBI. We’ve nurtured an environment where everyone is encouraged to grow and reach their full potential. We’re a collaborative agency driven by teamwork, unique skills, and award-winning campaigns. Here, you come first. And, of course, we know how to have fun! Head to our careers page to explore our current job openings, or email us your CV.