Macclesfield TEDx talks hit the global screen

By Tristan Morris


The event focused on ‘ideas worth spreading’ with several talks aiming to challenge, educate and inspire. Now we’re excited to be able to announce that the TEDxMacc talks have made their way out of Townley Street Chapel and are now available for you all to watch online. 

All the talks are online via the TEDx YouTube channel or website where you can watch all the below speakers:

Momentum: How I became a climate activist, Esther Bird

Cutting the crap: Saving lives by solving the right problem, Prof Barbara Evans

Misinformation: The cost of careless clicks, Shelley Metcalfe

Bread, business and building a community, Paul Robinshaw

Research culture is broken, open science can fix it, Dr Rachael Ainsworth

About Time: Putting women back into history, Dr Ailsa Holland

Why Art is useful, Alistair Hudson

Great things happen in our humble town and we pride ourselves on our creativity and big ideas, so we can’t wait for next year. In the meantime, we’re off to watch them all again.

To find out more about TEDx Macclesfield and future events click here.