Digital Delivery Small Changes, Big Wins

By Ben Wilson


For modern marketing agencies, utilising digital delivery tools has never been more important. Essentially, the digital delivery function aims to oversee and coordinate the successful execution of digital projects. Sitting between technical experts, operational specialists, and client services, digital delivery ensures work is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standard—but only if implemented correctly. In this blog, we’ll discuss what digital delivery is and why it’s critical for driving success. 

How digital delivery, delivers 

The main focus of the digital delivery function is to ensure effective development and maintenance of websites, apps, and gamification. It does this by enabling processes and tools to allow teams to deliver the highest quality work while simultaneously removing administrative burdens. In this sense, the digital delivery function allows teams to focus on the work they’re producing, so they can deliver the most impactful results. Their time is spent on the tasks at hand, not on unnecessary admin that can hinder processes and slow down delivery times.  

Modern digital agencies rely on effective tools, platforms, and processes to streamline operations, so that they can continue to deliver the best possible results. Digital delivery works parallel to these operations, overseeing the effective integration and management of these tools. In doing so, digital delivery ensures these tools continue to deliver value for the agency, individual teams, and, ultimately, the client. 

However, just having processes, tools, and platforms in place to improve efficiencies is not enough. The data created by these tools must be leveraged to assess success and drive future decision making. Digital delivery functions integrate within teams to interpret and analyse available data, alongside exploring how to generate more useful information from various sources. By translating this raw data into actionable insights, agencies can empower teams and make better informed decisions backed by data to deliver results. 

The function of digital delivery in today’s landscape 

In today’s competitive digital world, small improvements can make a significant impact. The digital delivery function is one such improvement that can deliver high value through marginal gains. By continuously seeking out incremental improvements, gathering data, and refining processes, the digital delivery function makes small, but impactful changes to how teams work. If executed correctly, small changes can lead to bigger wins. 

Delivery management plays a crucial role in coordinating and managing various projects. It ensures that tasks are assigned, deadlines are met, and resources are allocated efficiently. This begins at the very start of any project, from setting realistic timelines and anticipating issues, through to tracking progress and managing dependencies. By overseeing the project workflow, delivery management ensures smooth collaboration among team members, resulting in timely and successful project completion.  

Delivery management can also be responsible for maintaining quality standards across all projects. This involves establishing processes, protocols, and quality assurance measures to ensure deliverables meet client requirements and adhere to the highest standards we hold ourselves to.  Not only does this help agencies consistently deliver high-quality work, but also reinforce its reputation and build client trust. 

For digital delivery to be executed correctly, it requires management and optimisation of resources. This involves aligning the right talent, tools, and technology to deliver projects effectively. Through properly allocating resources based on project requirements, digital delivery maximizes productivity, minimizes wastage, and improves overall efficiency.  

Digital delivery with TrunkBBI 

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